Monday, February 28, 2011


I've just had a huge revelation today. I realize I've been duped for a long time, and I'm only now seeing the trap that has been snaring me for years. I only get bitter, frustrated, and anxious when I believe a particular stressor I'm facing is neverending. If I just remember that they don't last... nothing lasts forever... I can weather anything. I can handle anything because my God will show up right on time, and I don't mind waiting. I don't mind waiting, however long it takes, because I'm waiting on the Lord!


  1. Good point.

    You describe helplessness to a "T" and, given that helplessness leads to hopelessness, bitterness is easy. (My own stressor started me into depression about the age of eight. I ended up bitter against "failureself" and thus strove to become depersonalized to escape "thatself.")

    But you may still be duping yourself to some extent. Are you boasting just a little that you have the patience to wait? (I'm not saying, just wondering because I know me.)

    Of course, if you abide in Christ through faith, you have available all His resources of patience, too. In that sense I think your point is in complete agreement with scripture.

    Thank you for showing me a small step of growing in faith.

  2. You make such a good point, and, yes, I am prone to become proud of my ability to wait! We're such funny human beings. I love though what Juanita Bynum says, "I'm not just waiting ON God, I'm wating IN God." What a huge relief that brings my soul.

  3. "Not...ON God,...IN God."

    (I didn't know. Thanks for bringing that up!)

  4. Good advice. Nothing is forever.