Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coming Out

In light of today's cheery encouragement from me to FEEL your pain... smile, it won't be so bad. :-)

When you are running--
a shadow of yourself running from
and to yourself
frightened by a ghost self
in brambles the ache scratches
your body when you try to escape--
when you are running.
Just stay on your feet.
Know the darkness in its fullest
reach into the deep of the black
pour the anointing of the pain over
your head.
Keep running.
This is not night that comes and
goes in cycles with day, this
is suffering. This is
your very self at
its cellular level expanding and
constricting in its own rhythm.
If you can hear me there,
know that light will come when
darkness inks away
a self will emerge cracked
still running. It
will be blinding just as
the darkness is blinding.
Behind your forest wall
steady follow this scent
thick with heavy evergreen.


  1. A very good poem, Melissa. I do appreciate that your realistic depiction of human pain comes with at least a hint of optimism regarding what lies ahead. I also cannot imagine that convincing yourself or someone else to "know the darkness in its fullest" is an easy thing to do. But, your poem certainly suggests there are just rewards for those who do.

  2. Melissa, you should check out Deborah Keenan. She's a little known poet, but her books can be found online as well as some of her poetry. She has a way of painting a picture with words that few poets I have read does. I think you would really enjoy her.

    Beautiful poem by the way!