Monday, March 30, 2009

Speaking to Dad

If words could bring you back to me, I
would string them like children
sliding wooden beads onto colorful strings
clack, clack, clack
my words would fall softly over you like snow
cover you in the security of night and stars.
I would rain my words down around you
with sweet drops of relief the plop of
the first raindrop fat and wet into the dry
spaces between us.
If it would bring you back I would
layer words soft and thick as chocolate
icing on a three-tier cake, spread them
gently in swirls, generous with
lacing the sweetness.
I wish my words could heal you
lift you in two strong arms
travel a thousand miles with your weight
to safety. If I could
I would save you with these words.
I would call
cackle caress cajole with
every word I ever learned till they
stacked to the heavens till
they covered all earth
till they brought
you back
to me.


  1. Hey that was really touching.
    Your imagery is so crystal clear, evocative, its got a very photographic feel to it, like a series of pictures; words to describe pictures to describe words. real cool.
    you've harnessed full lexical fields and reined them in to do your bidding! I especially like the "laying words soft and thick as chocolate icing".
    I wish i could be as positive in my poems :P that will be my next mission in life, the hunt for optimism.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you so much. I'll be honest, most of my own work is not this positive! My husband often tells me my writing is "depressing." I'll have to share some of that one day... maybe someone will appreciate it! I believe you write what you need to write. One day the pain well runs dry and there's the good stuff wanting to be written.