Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 20, 2009

We love you
Sweet Beautiful Brown Man
Our President
with cheeks smooth and strong
as sliced maple
eyes kind as
the baby seal's first
loving glance at Mama,
we love you.
You are Ours
Our Pride and
Joy, Our American Son,
Beloved Child of God.
Bless you today, simple
fallible man,
nothing more than another pedestrian
on the street, nothing
less than a legacy received
in two open palms.

So, dance, dance,
dance tonight with your wife, receive
her arms around you, her words inside
you. Dance
for us until first morning light creeps
across Pennsylvania Avenue
till the last forks tinkle into
bus pans, till the last stars fade
softly one by one into infinite night.
Dance tonight
for us
Our President.

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